AGA Pro 200/30 spare parts

All parts connected to the outside of the regulator can easily be replaced by professionals.

Inlet Connector Assembly and Gaskets:
AGA Article no. Description
  Complete Inlet Connector Assembly Acetylene - G3/4"RH
300096 Gaskets for Inlet Connector Ø18x9,2x2mm, Acetylene, 10 pcs
  Complete Inlet Connector Assembly Oxygen, Co2 - W21,8RH
307591 Complete Inlet Connector Assembly Nitrogen, Argon, Mison - W24,32RH
  Complete Inlet Connector Assembly Hydrogen - W21,8LH Female
  Complete Inlet Connector Assembly Air - G5/8"RH
  Complete Inlet Connector Assembly Thermolene - W21,8LH Male
303616 Gaskets for Inlet Connector Ø18x11,7x2mm, 10 pcs
  Complete Inlet Connector Assembly Propane
  Complete Inlet Connector Assembly 300 bar Nitrogen - NEVOC
Gauges (content/working):
AGA Article no. Description
  Gauge 0-2.5/35 Neutral
  Gauge 0-2.5/35 Oxygen
305372 Gauge 0-2,5/35 Acetylene
305370 Gauge 0-6/86 Neutral
305371 Gauge 0-16/230 Neutral
305373 Gauge 0-16/230 Oxygen
  Gauge 0-25/350 Neutral
300085 Gauge 0-40/580 Neutral
  Gauge 0-40/580 Oxygen
305368 Gauge 0-40/580 Acetylene
300174 Gauge 0-60/860 Neutral
  Gauge 0-100/1450 Neutral
300074 Gauge 0-315/4500 Neutral
300087 Gauge 0-315/4500 Oxygen
  Gauge 0-400/5800 Neutral
305367 Gauge 0-28 liter/min Neutral
Safety Relief Valves:
Only change the safety relief valve if it has become physically damaged - if the safety relief valve has been released this may be a sign that something has happened to the regulator that should be examined.
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AGA Article no. Description
305378 Safety Relief Valve 1,1-1,7 bar
305377 Safety Relief Valve 11-14 bar
  Safety Relief Valve 4,5-5,5 bar
  Safety Relief Valve 14-16 bar
  Safety Relief Valve 31-35 bar
  Safety Relief Valve 45-50 bar
  Safety Relief Valve 65-70 bar
  Safety Relief Valve 110-130 bar
  Safety Relief Valve 210-230 bar
Valve Spindle Assembly:
AGA Article no. Description
  Valve Spindle Assembly Low Pressure (1-28 bar) w/labels
  Valve Spindle Assembly High Pressure (30-300 bar) w/labels
AGA Article no. Description
300172 Outlet connector G3/8" RH
305389 Outlet connector G3/8" LH
  Connection Nut G3/8" RH
  Connection Nut G3/8" LH
  Hose Sleeve for  5mm hose
  Hose Sleeve for  6,3mm hose
  Hose Sleeve for  10mm hose
  Connection Head for pipes (12mm flat / 6mm internal), brass
  Welding Connection for G3/8" Ø12mm, Stainless Steel

The parts may be ordered from AGA.