Connection details

This product category consists of a lot of different parts that are also included in finished products and spare parts.

We use the same high quality brass material and optimal, advanced machine processing on these products.

On the pages listed below you will find the connections you need.

Standard (nordic) connections.
Foreign connection details.
• Cylinder valve connections.
• Blind plugs and nuts.
• Connection elbows.

The products may be ordered through your local gas supplier.
Standard (norwegian) cylinder valve threads - DIN 477:
Hydrogen W21,8 LH male "DIN 1"
Oxygen, CO2 W21,8 RH male "DIN 6"
Nitrogen, Argon, Helium W24,32 RH male "DIN 10"
Nitrous Oxide G3/8 RH male "DIN 11"
Acetylene G3/4 RH female ("DIN 12")
Air G5/8 RH female "DIN 13"
Thermolene, MAPP W21,8 LH female "DIN 15"