Welding Equipment

We still manufacture some welding equipment for use in both small and large jobs. All products have been used for many years and have proven their quality and durability.

Here you will find information about available equipment (and associated cutting tables) for the different products.
X21 is the most flexible and complete blowpipe system, and can be used for welding, cutting, heating, soldering, flame straightening, gouging and rivet washing burning.

All our X21 parts are manufactured after EN ISO 5172 and are produced under the quality assurance system ISO 9001.
GA Part no. Description
G-022K51 Regular design without hose sleeves or connection nuts.
G-023K51 Extra short design without hose sleeves or connection nuts.
Cutting Attachments
Angle of
blowpipe head
GA Part no. (sorted by length - we manufacture even longer versions on request)
240 mm 455 mm 655 mm 955 mm 1255 mm 1555 mm
90 degrees G-221K40 G-221K53 G-221K57 G-221K61 G-221K65 G-221K69
75 degrees G-221K30 G-221K52 G-221K56 G-221K60 G-221K64 G-221K68
45 degrees G-221K20 G-221K51 G-221K55 G-221K59 G-221K63 G-221K67
0 degrees G-221K10 G-221K50 G-221K54 G-221K58 G-221K62 G-221K66