With the Jetfreezer you will save time and money on the basis of not having to empty the pipes before maintenance, repairs, or when extending a system. With the use of carbon dioxide (CO2) the Jet Freezer produces a temporary plug of ice in a small section of the pipe, with the result of quick and economic isolation of the area so the work can be initiated. The plug of ice will melt naturally, and restore the water supply just minutes after the job is done.
• Quick
• Effective
• Versatile
• Economic
• Independant
• Accessible
GA Part no. Description
2233.2000 Jetfreezer set "Plumber"
Case/bag, gloves, Cylinder scale, 2x High pressure hose 2,5m, T-splitter, 2x Cuff Nr.1, 2x Cuff Nr.2
2255.1999 Jetfreezer set "Pro Kit"
2x Case/bag, gloves, Cylinder scale, 4x High pressure hose 2,5m, 2x T-splitter, 2x Cuff Nr.1, 2x Cuff Nr.2, 2x Cuff Nr.3, 2x Cuff Nr.4, 2x Cuff Nr.5
2233.0101 Jetfreezer Cuff 16-22mm (Nr.2)
2233.0102 Jetfreezer Cuff 23-42mm (Nr.3)
2233.0103 Jetfreezer Cuff 43-80mm (Nr.4)
2233.0104 Jetfreezer Cuff 81-100mm (Nr.5)
2233.0105 Jetfreezer Cuff 8-15mm (Nr.1)
2333.5005 High pressure hose 4m
2333.5004 High pressure hose 2,5m
S-002 T-splitter
2233.0505 Case/bag
2233.0401 Gloves
2233.0830 Cylinder scale