X21 Parts

X21 is the most flexible and complete blowpipe system, and can be used for welding, cutting, heating, soldering, flame straightening, gouging and rivet washing burning.
All our X21 parts are manufactured after EN ISO 5172 and are produced under the quality assurance system ISO 9001.
Pos. Description GA Part no.
1 Valve body G-022.01.01
2 Hose sleeve for 6,3mm hose S-025.32.18
2 Hose sleeve for 10mm hose S-025.32.26
3a Connection nut (Ac left hand threads) S-025.38.06
3b Connection nut (Ox right hand threads) S-025.38.05
4 Handle G-022.03.12
5 Coupling body G-022.03.50
6 Coupling nut G-021.03.51
7 Valve spindle assembly, Ac - red G-022.04
7 Valve spindle assembly, Ox - blue G-022.05
  Non return valve Ac V-300K01
  Non return valve Ox V-300K02
Cutting Attachments
Pos. Description GA Part no.
1 Valve body (NOT a spare part) G-221.01.01
2 Valve spindle assembly, ox - blue G-022.05
3-7 Valve seat and plug (incl. 4 pcs. o-rings) G-221.06K01
3 Valve plug (incl. o-ring) G-221.06.01K
4 Valve seat (incl. 3 pcs. o-rings) G-221.06.04K
5 O-ring (for Valve seat, big) 10 pcs. G-221.06.12P
6 O-ring (for Valve seat, small) 10 pcs. G-221.06.10P
7 O-ring (for Valve plug) 10 pcs. G-221.06.11P
8 Retaining screw G-221.06.20
9 Lever G-221.06.25
10 Split sleeve G-221.06.28P
11 Valve spring G-221.06.50
12 Tube (cutting Ox & Ac alt. Pr) G-223.40.01
13 Tube (heating Ox) G-223.42.01
14 Blowpipe head 75 degrees G-221.47.03
15 Blowpipe head 90 degrees G-221.47.04
16 Blowpipe head 0 degrees G-221.47.01
17 Blowpipe head 45 degrees G-221.47.02
18a Nozzle screw, universal G-221.47.19
18b Nozzle screw, special G-221.47.20
18c Nozzle screw, special G-221.47.21
18d Nozzle screw, special G-221.47.22
21 Coupler, outer (incl. o-rings) G-221.48.01K
22 Coupler, inner (incl. o-rings) G-221.48.02K
23 O-ring (outer coupler, big) 10 pcs. G-121.11.02P
26 O-ring (inner coupler, big) 10 pcs. G-121.11.06P
27 O-ring (inner coupler, small) 10 pcs. G-221.48.07P
28 Attachment coupling nut G-021.03.51
29 Protective cap G-906.01.01
  Wing valve assembly G-222.06.25K
30 Wing G-222.06.25
31 Domed cap nut G-222.06.27
32 Lock washer G-212.50.15
33 Valve lifter G-222.06.53
34 Valve lifter guide G-222.06.54
Spare parts can be ordered from AGA.